Our Molding Department makes parts and components of the highest quality. It is our commitment to every customer that quality and service is a first and most part of the relationship. The Injection Department in cooperation with our engineers, other technical staff, and management person, provide customers with a reliable and high quality service.

      Injection Molding

            We used engineering plastic: POM, PC, PA, PBT, TPE, TPR, TPU, TPV, PPS and general plastic: ABS, PMMA, PP, HIPS, GPPS, K-RESIN, LDPE, HDPE.

       Casting Molding

            We used Aluminum and Zinc. We have hot type casting machine and cold type casting machine. casting were motor shell, lamp base, industrial components.

        Punching Molding

             We make photo  frame, mobile shell, decorations, industrial components.


             We provided standard component  and special part according to the drawing from client. We used steel, Aluminum, and also cast iron. Some as  monitor sheel, machine base, industrial components.