Engineering and Technical

       A strong engineering team and project management team,

Mold Making 

      CNC High Speed Mikroiv VOP-600        made in Switzerland
      CNC High Speed Hartford-1050             made in Taiwan
      CNC VMC1580                                       made in Taiwan

      EDM Mirror Class DH-500CNC                made in Korea

      Grinding Machine Precision M-7130GIF  made in Taiwan
      Hole punching machine DD-703-CNC      made in Taiwan


High-precision instrumentation

      2D Coordinate Measuring EASSON             made in Taiwan
      3D Coordinate Measuring EXPLORER7107 made in Switzerland
      Hardness Measuring, High Measuring, Gauge Block, Needle Gauge, Plug Gauge.


       We currently have 50 injection machines with clamping forces from 50 tons up to 850 tons.


       We currently have 18 sets casting machines with clamping forces from 160 tons up to 500 tons.

       And Vibration type polishing machine, Sandblasting machine, CNC Lathe,CNC Milling etc. so we could provide customers with products after processing.   


       We currently have 13 sets punching machines with forces from 6 tons up to 63 tons.
       We can complete the phone shell, picture frames, decorative, fence and other hardware, supporting welding, to provide customers with the final product.


       High-precision CNC milling and CNC lathes, automatic lathes can be completed efficiently and good quality.